The Wise Centaur of Ancient Greece


About the Origins of Kheiron’s Name

Kheiron’s name can be found under many different English spellings, including Chiron, Cheiron and Kheiron. These are all translations from the original Greek spelling of Χειρων, pronounced more like kHeiron. So none of the translations are right and none of them are wrong.

Χειρω means hand and is familiar in our English chirography (handwriting or penmanship), chiromancy (palmistry), chironomid (one who gestures with his hands), and chiropractor. The ch translation is Roman, but everyone wants to pronounce it like the ch in chocolate, which is not correct. The K is preferred because using it helps one pronounce the name closer to the original Greek.

Since Χειρω means hands, I like to think that Kheiron’s name means the one with the healing hands.


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