The Wise Centaur of Ancient Greece

Author Bio

IMG_2525Alaria Bliss was born in a coastal town of Central California. She was raised in a multi-cultural family, where various languages, classical music, literature and art were highly valued. She was the oldest of three, with two younger brothers. As a young man, her father was a Shakespearian actor and her mother a school teacher and loving homemaker, who always said, “You can do whatever you put your mind to.”

Her grandfather was a concert pianist and orchestral conductor. When she was very young, her grandfather had musical soirees and rehearsals at his house. Along with the extraordinary musicians, there was always delicious food and lively conversation. When she got too tired from all the excitement, she would curl up with her blanket under the grand piano and fall asleep to the powerful sounds of live classical music. On quieter nights, her grandmother would read her to sleep with stories and poems. Among this rich symphony of arts, words blended together in Alaria’s subconscious and created an internal music of their own.

Later in her childhood, Alaria lived with her family on the edge of a canyon in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was there that she discovered Nature; hiking in the rain, swimming in the mountain streams, listening to the wind and talking to trees, integral parts of understanding the ancient Greek world.

Alaria is a founding member of the Sierra Muses Writer’s Workshop since 2012. She is a mother of two grown children and has one grandchild.  She lives with her beloved on a beautiful, organic farm in Northern California.


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