The Wise Centaur of Ancient Greece

About Kheiron

Kheiron receiveing Achilles Kheiron, the wise centaur of ancient Greece was an immortal centaur and master in the arts of herbology, healing, hunting, music, strategy, fighting and divination -skills one needed to survive 4000 years ago. Kheiron was the mentor and foster father to many of the famous ancient Greeks of the generation that preceded the Iliad. His students included Syrene, the lion huntress and queen of Libya; Aristaios, considered the God of hunting and agriculture; Asklepios, son of Apollo and known as the god of medicine; Jason, of the Argonauts; Orpheus, the great musician; Pelius, king of Phthia and his son Akhilles, thegreat warrior of the Aegeans against Troy.

Kheiron the Wise Centaur of Ancient Greece is a series of novels that weave together many Greek myths. Kheiron is a half-brother to Zeus, and his life is entwined with the early Titans, as well as the next generation of gods and goddesses. Kheiron is little spoken of when it comes to Greek Mythology, and yet his influence is felt profoundly on humanity. He is credited with having named the constellations, and discovering many herbal medicines and healing techniques. Kheiron was known as the one with the healing hands. Even the word Chiropractor is related to one of the translations of his name: Chiron or Chiro meaning hands.

The wise centaur is most commonly remembered as “the wounded healer,” indicating that his gifts of understanding human as well as animal nature came from many life experiences that crushed his delicate spirit and shaped him into the kind and compassionate being for which he is remembered.

In Kheiron’s life story, the ancient myths and magical inhabitants of the primordial world come to life, integrating the well-known tales of Pirithous’ wedding and the battle with the centaurs; Artemis and Kallisto; Hermes and the cows of Apollo; the torments of Hera; Orpheus and his beloved Eurydice; the gathering of the Argonauts; the Kaledonian Boar Hunt; the courtship and wedding of Pelius and Thetis; the childhood of Akhilles and many other less prominent tales that take place during Kheiron’s life and near his home on Mount Pelion. Throughout each book in the series, we get to know the rich life of Kheiron himself, the lonely centaur who, despite his unusual form, finds love and grows a family, a much larger one than he ever expected.

Book One, Kheiron The Young Centaur is available at Barnes and Noble


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