The Wise Centaur of Ancient Greece


Drawing of Kheiron, the Young Centaur

Drawing of Kheiron, the Young Centaur. Some spell his name Chiron. The Greek spelling is Χειρων.

Kheiron the Wise Centaur of Ancient Greece. This is a combined artistic effort to bring Kheiron’s image into reality. You will notice the leather bag over his shoulder. Having two stomachs, he was always hungry and had to carry snacks with him so that he could nibble all day long. Also, hanging out of the bag is the remains of something he cared for very much. You will have to read to figure out what it was…
Remember that his mother was a naiad, spring nymph, of Mount Pelion. So, naturally, the waters of her spring are shown here. The face in the earth is none other that the wise Grandmother Gaia, mother of the first Titans and source of life on earth. The tree on the left will eventually reveal itself in book II or III. The final cover art for book I is slow in coming (gestating I suppose), but it is based on this image.
What a beautiful boy. I feel so honored to bring him to life in a story!!
Praise be to the muses of art and poetry, tragedy and divine comedy!!


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